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8 Home Improvement Ideas You Can Tackle This Summer



With summer nearly here and the temperatures rising, there is never a better time to start thinking of ways to upgrade your home. According to a Forbes article based on a Zillow Digs survey, 60% of homeowners are planning a remodel or home improvement project this summer. Why? Obviously because you have more hours of daylight to work and increase your curb appeal. The survey also presented that the average amount that homeowners are spending on their summer projects is around $1200. So we’ve gathered some of the most beneficial, and cost effective ways to upgrade your home this summer.

1. Reinsulate Your Home

Especially during the summer months. When warm weather starts to drive up your utility bills, reinsulating your home can keep you cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter months all while keeping more cash in your pocket.


2. Add a New Deck/Patio

Decks are the living room of your backyard. Especially during the summer, decks and patios can be great for enjoying great weather and entertaining friends. Adding or upgrading a back patio can be one of the greatest DIY projects to get into simply because it adds great value to your home. It will also add a broader appeal to buyers all while giving you a peaceful place to relax right in the comfort of your home.


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3. Storm Doors

Summer is known for humid weather and fierce storms. Don’t be afraid to protect your doors from the elements by installing a storm door by Seal-Rite Door. They are well known for providing great storm doors for protecting your elegant, premium entry door. Storm doors will also allow you to bring in more natural light.


4. Install Energy Efficient Windows

Want another way to keep more cash in your pockets? Install energy efficient windows to drastically lower your utility bills. Wincore Windows are Energy Star approved. Their Bay and Bow windows offer extended views of outdoor spaces, while creating inviting areas for sitting and relaxing. Because of their projected design, Bay and Bow windows welcome more natural light and expand interior spaces. Outside, projection windows add dimension for enhanced curb appeal to your home’s exterior. 




5. Remodel Your Bathroom

One part of your house that nearly everyone visits during the summer is your bathroom. So why not upgrade to impress them? Upgrading your bathroom will also increase the resell value for the future.


6. Paint a Room

Painting a room is a great way to get the whole family involved in a DIY home improvement project. In addition to adding some new style to a room in your home, it also is said to give you a generous return on your investment. Studies show that painting a room gives home owners a 112% return on their investment.


7. Build a Garden Wall

Building a garden wall can increase the appeal of your backyard and also keep mulch from flooding all over the place during heavy storms.


8. Remodel Your Kitchen

When thinking of possible home improvement options, the kitchen often comes to mind first. Whether it is rethinking the layout, laying down new flooring, or adding new cabinets, there are many options to choose from. Nevertheless, according to Remodeling Magazinedata suggest that home owners can recoup anywhere from 65%-75% of their original investment when it comes to remodeling their kitchen. Compared to other home renovations, the kitchen ranks at the top in regards to the amount of cash that can be recouped. 


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Have any other great summer home improvement ideas? Don’t hesitate to let us know below!

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