5 Tips To Ensure Your Home Is Energy Efficient For Summer


With summer rapidly approaching, the weather is getting warmer. For a majority of people, this could lead to a rise in utility bills. However, with 5 easy tips, you can ensure that your home is summer-ready and energy efficient, so that you can spend more time and money doing what you love!

1. Make sure your home is well insulated

Properly insulating your home will keep heat in when it’s cold, and trap cold air in when it’s hot. There is a variety of insulation options that we offer ranging from building wraps to sheathings, and siding underlayment.

Another critical option is roofing cover board. This necessary roofing guard is thermal resistant and is also water resistant.

Green Gaurd cover board

GreenGuard PB6FA Roofing Cover Board

2. Ensure you have cross ventilation

Don’t think that simply opening every window and door in the house will help you achieve your goal. The best way to achieve cross ventilation in your house is to open windows or doors at opposite ends of your home. This will ensure that air enters at one point and exits at another.

If your planning on building a new home, consider designing higher ceilings and wider entryways as these can aid in cross ventilation.


3. Include more ceiling fans

A fairly inexpensive way to ensure energy efficiency in your home is to make sure you have plenty of ceiling fans. Especially in the summer, they are much cheaper to run than air conditioners.

ceiling fan

4. Install appropriate energy fittings

There are many helpful websites out there that give you tips on how to save energy but the most common is Energy Star. This site will give you all the information you need to know on energy efficient products and where to find them.

Read more: Energy Star

5. Reduce sun exposure

A great way to reduce sun exposure on your home is to plant trees! It’s great for the environment and also keeps your home cool during warmer months.

If your planning on building your future home and you really want to take it to the next step, work with your architect to correctly orient your home in the right direction to minimize the sun exposure.


Be on the lookout for more home improvement advice as well as industry updates for all things housing.

Have any more tips for creating a more sustainable, energy efficient home? Be sure to comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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