10 Unique Ways To Add Curb Appeal

With National Curb Appeal Month upon us, what other better way to celebrate than taking on a project that will improve not only the appearance of your home but also the value. We’re here to provide you with 10 simple projects that will easily increase the curb appeal of your home.


1. Spice up your front door



The focal point of your home is the entryway. It is also the first thing potential buyers examine in terms of curb appeal. Make a bold statement by installing a new fiberglass door with decorative glass. Many brands make up the fiberglass door industry but if you want a top-notch door known for quality and performance Therma-Tru is your go-to.

If you’re not willing to spend that much cash, then paint your existing door a bright and exciting color. This will often draw in the eyes of potential home buyers if you are planning to sell in the near future. Color expert Kate Smith lays down the law on current color trends for home remodels in her E-Book.


2. Replace old, rusty hardware

Many elements make up your entryway. Hardware is one of them. Who wants to look at or even touch a rusty old lock set? Not me. House numbers, entry door locksets and light fixtures can all add a unique style to your home’s curb appeal if done correctly.

If you really want to get fancy, consider Schlage touchscreen locks. They bring a slim profile that’s both sleek and secure.


3. Create perfect symmetry

One of the most simple yet unique ways to add curb appeal to your home is to create symmetrical compositions for your entryway. Things such a light fixtures and plants are a cheap way to make your home POP.


4. Install outdoor lighting

Why not make your home’s appearance look great 24/7? By installing outdoor lighting, it illuminates the look you’ve worked so hard to accomplish, at night. It also aids in providing safety and security.




5. Add shutters or accent trim

Shutters and trim add a welcoming layer and look to your home’s exterior. Both shutters and trim in today’s market will most likely be made out of vinyl, composite or fiberglass allowing for increased value and low maintenance.



6. Upgrade your siding color

Give your home an exterior facelift and really make a statement by upgrading the color of your siding. Many manufacturers that we stock including CertainTeed, Exterior Portfolio, Mastic and Allura all offer a variety of colors in siding that will give your home the most curb appeal on the block.

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7. Don’t forget the back of your home

Many homeowners often forget that curb appeal doesn’t exclusively regard the front of the home. Add value and appeal to the rear of your home by building a patio or deck. Although costly, composite decks last forever and never have the problem of fading in color like traditional wood decking. They also are a space where you can go outside of the house to relax or entertain.




8. Upgrade railings

Porch and deck railings can deteriorate quickly if not cared for properly. Composite railing will also last forever and add a sleek and modern look to your curb appeal.


9. Apply stone veneer

Nothing beats pedigree and permanence like stone. Stone veneer is a great alternative to siding for dressing up the exterior of your home.


10. Install window boxes

Window boxes offer a fast and easy way to create a unique style for your home. Boxes made from materials such a copper or iron give your curb appeal a rustic look. Mix in some blooming flowers and adjust your lighting scheme and your curb appeal will increase in no time.

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